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The Shrimp Processing Facility of the company is a state of the art modern processing facilities confirming to the International Standards. The Processing facility enjoys a unique advantage of being situated in the heart of the Aqua Cultured Shrimp Farming of India. The close proximity of the Shrimp Farms to the Processing Facility ensures that the freshness of the shrimp is intact. Company owned fleet of Refrigerated vehicles ensure that the harvested shrimp is in the cold chain from the pond till it reaches the Processing Facility.

In the Processing facility, the processes are updated and the machinery is modernized from time to time in order to adapt to the best practices followed globally.

The existing processing capabilities are as followed:

  • Plate Freezers with a processing capacity of 20 MT per day.
  • IQF machines with a processing capacity of 25 MT per day.
  • Blast freezer with a processing capacity of 8 MT per day.

To complement the above processing capacities, PUF Insulated Cold Stores, Flake Ice Plants and Chill Rooms are available within the facility. A completely equipped in-house laboratory is present in the Processing Facility to test each and every Batch of Raw Material & Finished Product. Each and every batch is tested to check if it passes the required microbiological & antibiotic limits.

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